Rubber Compound and Rubber-plastic Sealing Product

Letone has independently developed, designed and manufactured rubber compounds for more than 10 years. It has an experienced technical team, complete production and experimental equipment and a good reputation in the industry. Letone is now cooperating with the German-owned Shifa (Shanghai) Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell rubber compounds and sealing products. The products have both Chinese and Western technical advantages, stable quality and excellent performance.

Rubber Compound

Rubber compound is an important raw material for hose products and sealing products, and is the cornerstone of product quality for rubber products manufacturers. According to the user’s different per..


Food Grade Rubber Compound

The company food-grade rubber compound conforms to FDA inspection standards and has the characteristics of non-toxic, colorless and odorless. The product's temperature, wear resistance, adhesion and o..


Gasket for Plate Heat Exchanger

The company’s plate heat exchanger gaskets have a variety of models, good sealing performance and long service life. They can be exchanged with plates produced by brands such as Alfa Laval, Tranter, ..


Rubber Soft Connection

Rubber joints are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, energy, transportation, chemical, construction, cement, urban heating and other fields. According to the needs of the medium..